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  • Michael Fronstin
    Have you ever felt embarrassed or ashamed to leave your house? Ever hesitate to wear short sleeves or shorts in the summer because you wanted to avoid someone else seeing your skin? Ever change the way you live your life because of a health-related issue? If you’re one of the 8 million Americans diagnosed with psoriasis then you probably know what I mean.
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  • The Demise of Chemotherapy in Front-Line mCRPC?

    by Neesha Suvarna | Feb 15, 2013
    Neesha Suvarna
    Oncology Conference Insight - ASCO GU 2013 --- The metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) market appears to be on a trajectory toward a relinquishment to novel hormonal agents and a regression of chemotherapy and other targeted therapies to later lines. If Jevtana manages to supersede docetaxel, it may only be a marginal improvement in this field, with a swap of one taxane for another.
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  • User Not Found
    Pricing a drug is a hugely important aspect of pre-launch and launch planning as it can directly influence market share. Forecasting the dollar value of an oncology drug presents many challenges and caveats and takes into account price, duration of therapy, the eligible population, and market share of the eligible population.
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  • Stephanie Hawthorne
    Oncology Conference Insight - ASCO GI 2013 With recent news being so heavily centered on targeted agents, it seems as though people often forget about the value that chemotherapy has provided over the years and, more importantly, that there is still room for improvement in these older regimens to generate significantly better outcomes for patients. Celgene was looking to take advantage of this sentiment when the company acquired Abraxis BioScience and their leading drug candidate, Abraxane®, an injectable suspension of nanoparticle albumin bound (nab)-paclitaxel.
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  • Neesha Suvarna
    Oncology Conference Insight - ASCO GI 2013 Will ramucirumab be able to show an additive benefit when combined with an active agent in a tumor type where Avastin failed to do so? This is a huge unanswered question for ramucirumab: is the mechanism of action different enough to surpass the activity of Avastin?
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