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    The development of treatment pathways is very relevant to clinical development and understanding the competitive landscape. Fundamental changes in treatment approaches, along with payment reform, are required to meaningfully slow healthcare cost growth. Payers face various drug coverage mandates at the state and federal levels, making utilization and cost control challenging.
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  • Vince Grillo
    In the last 10 years alone, the introduction of social networks and the growth of smartphones and tablets have caused the digital world to change in new and unpredictable ways. The big challenge for pharmaceutical companies is not only to make appropriate use of digital channels to communicate with multiple stakeholder groups but to do this appropriately according to level of adoption per geography.
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  • Questa Lin
    Since our government declared in 2009 that the pharmaceutical & biotechnology sector was key to our growth, drug companies looking to expand their portfolios out to Asian markets have increasingly chosen Taiwan as the first country in which to launch. This is despite the fact that our country has one of the lowest rates of growth in Asia.
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  • Go for the Gold!

    by Stephanie Hawthorne | Aug 1, 2012
    Stephanie Hawthorne
    So what analogies can be drawn between the Olympics and oncology? Mediocre performance won’t earn you a gold medal. A personal best is great for your growth and development, but you still have to beat all other competitors to win the gold. Several new entrants have blockbuster potential, which is arguably the equivalent of a gold medal for pharma.
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  • Simon Li
    With an online population of over 450 million, 75% of whom are using social media, it’s no surprise that China also has a vibrant and active online patient population. The Chinese culture of “Shai” (sharing or “showing off” personal details online) means that many patients keep public online diaries, openly detailing their disease challenges.
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